the curious case of Samu and Ville

June, 2011

The summer evening was a bit chilly in Tampere, a southern city of Finland. The sky had strange complexion. There were dark black clouds, pale black clouds, grey clouds, white clouds and the remaining part was predictably sky blue. The sun looked powerless. The raindrops were abundantly in the air. No surprise, some of my friends had already started laughing heartily and chatting enthusiastically. Some of them looked confused not being able to decide who will go to the shop to buy the next pack of beers and cigarettes. The general atmosphere of Tammerkoski River Park made me dizzy even though I had only sipped a can of beer. There were around 219 people in that park that evening. I am certain that more than 87% of them were drunk; a chilly Friday evening in one of the most densely populated cities of Finland!

Samu, 19 and Ville, 22, were very different from all the Finnish youngsters whom I have met till date. The brothers had come from one of the western Finnish cities near Oulu. Samu, the younger one, was the one who started to talk with our bunch of Nepalese chaps.  After a minute or so, he was talking about the good effects of puffing marijuana! Ville agreed totally to his brother, so did my friends! I had no idea about it. They were working for a construction company in the nearby city of Valkeakoski. A bit early to be working at their ages!, I thought. Anyway, I was a bit surprised when Samu and Ville started talking about their taste of music. Samu was interested in hip-hop and beat-box while Ville loved trance and the meditative music. Samu even gave a small beat-box performance. It was good. Ville was interested in listening the music being played from his cell phone and trying hard to make me concentrate to notice the rise and fall of the beats. Once, one of my friends said that a person’s personality can be determined by what kind of music he prefers to listen! Maybe he is right! There might be some connection. Ville and Samu were different.

Samu mostly spoke in English and Ville mostly in Finnish. The most interesting part was when they were telling us about their dreams. Both of them have almost exact dreams. They were similar. They want to travel whole world and learn the languages except Mandarin Chinese. Ville thinks it is nearly impossible to learn Chinese! They want know people better around the world. They hate any sort of discrimination. They want people to realize that each of us is similar. They want people to be more responsible and humane. They dream of a utopia. I smiled. At least, we are free to dream.

We had to catch the train back home. Ville and Samu said they would go to a nearby bar; but when we left the place they were a bit heavily drunk and still there with some other bunch of people!

While in the train I had two questions in my mind. Will they be able to wake up tomorrow morning at 6 for the work? What will happen to their dreams?


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