strangers II

strangers II

I can’t exactly guess what she thought when she came to my place. Did she even think anything? She was as blank as I was when our eyes met in Helsinki harbor. I am sure she also had the same feeling when I was in Tallinn once again after a month of her departure from Helsinki.

The tsunami of emotions (love, hate, trust, lies, truth, jealousy, sacrifice etc.) kept floating in between us across the Baltic sea.

She is now in her place. She sometimes feels a bit tired after all the series of adventures with me firstly in Tallinn then in Riihimäki (the city where I live) and again in Tallinn.  I tried so hard to know her past. Yet, it is still a mystery to me. I cannot haunt her feelings with my persuasions anymore. She has already started loathing it. I live in her present so her past doesn’t really matter anymore or does it?

She asks if I can share a small portion of my happiness with her. If I could, I would give her all of my happiness.

She thinks that I am a magician. I am starting to believe it. It needs enormous patience, dedication and effort. She needs to wait. We need to wait. Well, I am trying hard. She needs to inspire me more.

I myself am in a major twist of my luck. I am a bit excited. She is more excited than I am. I hope I will end up safe and strong so that I can somehow anyhow perform my magic in her life.

to be continued ……


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