the global citizenship



July, 2009.
L’Aquila, Italy

When the father was about to reach the agreement with Russia to cut down the nuclear weapons, the daughter was determined to convey this message to the world leaders.

The American President’s eldest daughter tried to deliver a strange kind of statement to the participants of G-8 summit. Malia Obama, 11, was successful in delivering her fashion statement by wearing t-shirts with the famous logo of nuclear disarmament designed by Britain initiated Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND). This rare happening dragged the earnest attention. This might be a reason which caused serious concerns about nuclear disarmament amongst the participating leaders in the G-8 meeting. Within 48 hours of Malia’s act, the American President Obama signed the all important pact regarding nuclear disarmament with his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev.

July, 2009.
Kathmandu, Nepal

When I told my friend about the above news, he grinned and then replied me rather unexcitingly that it made no sense to him and questioned me softly, “How can such an event about nuclear disarmament make a sense to a high school graduate like us from a third world country?”

I was speechless. He was right in his own way. But, I knew he was, ‘in fact’, wrong. I should answer him, but, how? Seeing me uneasy and nervous, he tried to change the topic.

“Will Christiano Ronaldo be able to maintain his high standards in Real Madrid?”

“Maybe,” I was still thinking about his earlier question.

I must answer him.

Later that night, I realized:

There is no life in this enormous universe so far with the exception of our planet earth. But, earth today is facing so many adversities that we are undeniably in the last minutes of the Eleventh hour of our survival here. This must be a major concern to everyone who belong to this planet, whether he is a high school graduate from a third world country or the president of an economically well to do nation. Irrespective of our nationality, origin, race, language, culture, sex, age, experience, opportunity and difference; it is true that we share one thing in common- ‘the global citizenship’; but it makes no sense until we discover it and feel it ourselves. The earth belongs to us and we belong to it equally. Though I am 20 year old Nepalese middle classed ordinary guy with ordinary dreams, what happens in North Korea and Iran do affect me. I fear terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan as much as the locals there do. I am aware of all the Global warming and Greenhouse issues. The number of people being affected by HIV/AIDS concerns me. I strongly believe cosmopolitanism and universal brotherhood can only save us. Not only youths but everyone from the every corner of the world should have a keen concern about what is going around the world. Everyone should be aware of his global citizenship and respect and maintain the uniqueness of our ‘ultimate home’- earth. Then only we can secure peaceful and harmonious world and save our esteemed human race and the revered planet for the generations to come.

We youth can actually bring that change and help others to realize the importance of their global citizenships.  For instance, my parents had never been to school and I am sure that they don’t know much about nuclear arms issues. So, I can tell them what is going around. I can aware them about the nuclear arms problems in today’s world. I can even inspire them to keep the environment clean and green. I can make them realize how important it is for us to know what it means to be a global citizen. In this way, starting from our own family, we can take our initiation to the next level.  We can then organize various awareness campaigns in the schools and the communities nearby. We can even involve people to take part in various activities such as tree plantation, community sanitation etc. We can use internet as means to aware people who are in the other parts of the globe. We can seek help from professionals and various organizations working for world peace and environmental issues. In this way, we youth can play a crucial role in cultivating global citizenship among the people around the world.

Finally, the next day, I answered my friend confidently. He was speechless. I congratulated him. 

“Good luck my friend. Now, you are a global citizen and this does make sense.”


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