without me without you




The endlessness of distances, escape is not easy,

You feel strange.

The sunshine you seek

But it’s just gloomy noon, I understand.


The loneliness inside you

Won’t let you feel freshness around

You try to open your heart 

But to find,

The strangeness in every ground.


You want it never

But it is haunting you like forever.

Sweet rhymes you memorize

But your eyes smile only tears.


You want not to be seen

And the pain seems evergreen.

You pray for some resistance,

Some endurance, some forbearance

But all in vain, you get no happiness

The songs of romantic times, 

Melodies irritates you.

Those brown eyes,

You want to read them.

Those stupid little talks,

You want to bead them.

Those times of smiles,

You want to relieve them.

But, you are lost,

Far and away.

Those fun filled joys,

Flashbacks besets you,

‘No’, You cry out loud

And the echoes slap you back

You hate all these,

So do I.


You know the touch-

Is what you miss very much

You know the smile-

Is all you need to set you right.

But, where are they?


Everywhere you feel numbness,

Emotions sucked in by the Black holes.

You feel like snow at poles.

My dear you, it’s same here

Without you, I am no life,

No smiles and no pleasures.

It hurts me more,

When the same dream I see,

You being far away from me.


I can’t breathe without your shadow.

No more lies,

 Without you I am low,

Slow and below.

Without you, I fade away,

No more work, no more play.

I feel nothing but wrongs,

No more riddles, no more songs.

I am not me without you.


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