the empty wine glass



“Konck, Knock”, there comes the devil’s call,

Loathed everywhere and yet standing tall.

The angel whispers to me “Ssshh.. Be quiet, dear”,

The heaven inside terrified in cold fear.


The door opens, she lets him in,

He thunders and growls – another sin.

She clinches her fist, pacifies herself with a deep breath,

The beast rambles heavy punches, bound to his false faith.

She moans, cries and surrenders at last,

I hid helpless cowardly escaping his blast.

He grins and strolls away, celebrating his victory,

On his way out, he grabs that empty wine glass – mad and free.

He reaches out onto the dusty closet for the blood in the holy grail,

He vanishes away but his shadows haunting – dark and pale.


I breathe abrupt, dare and run to the angel,

She’s been earthed; broken wings and all.

She drags me near, comforting me and herself,

We rhyme for help, but alas! everyone’s blind and deaf.

She quivers and squeaks as the door’s slammed – a loud thud,

All I can do is cry and sink helpless in the warm heavenly blood.





2 responses to “the empty wine glass

  1. ummmmm ok…..not gettin it!!!!:SSSSSSSSS sooo…..ur girl mistreted u or sth:SSSS who drank the wine…???

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