Déjà vu


She smiles daisies and roses naïvely

I kneel down, bloody and torn

Hysteria, then heart pulsating feebly

Forever, hence numb, life all gone

A barren dead turf

Grey and black earth

The spring of living, unheard of

No leaves green, nor yellow

The muted meow, silenced woof

The faded moon, no star glow

I suffer, but put a false face

I crouch and gasp

Underneath the corpses

She’s a dreamer of delusions

I weave fantasies out of them

In distant valleys beyond suns

No God of truth, no faith, no shame

I choose, this is no threat

For I will reach home

No Christmas gifts great

Light, speed and time machine

The most alive, I’ve ever been

I wish I could tell her too

She’s nothing but a Déjà vu


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