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Prompt: Going Home Word count: 500  Genre: Fantasy, Post Apocalyptic Fantasy, Fiction


‘Excuse me Miss, you are supposed to get off the pod or else I need to call the e-cops!’

A humble looking humanoid rolled in front of the dark-haired girl who was staring out of the hyperloop onto the tunnel wall where random news was flashing. She looked rough against the shiny white pod interior. The humanoid waited a while but got no response.

‘Miss Weasley, you cannot stay on the pod! Your ticket is now invalid and the pod is returning back to Zone A1.’

He was little stern this time. Finally, she gazed her black eyes into his blue eye-like cameras.

‘You are not authorized to be in this Zone? How did you manage here and why? Where are you from?’ He was rambling robotically.

 ‘I am sure you are capable enough to scan where I am from!’ She smirked a little on seeing him nervous.

‘You were born in Zone A but later degraded Zone D based on your parents’ origins.’

‘There you go!’ She replied while clutching her backpack.

‘I can’t find how you travelled all the way to Zone A and why? It is also strange that there’s no trace of your parents?’ He sounded quite irritated.

‘Getting from Zone D to C is very easy, as you might know, how weak and corrupt the system is! I just had to bribe two border security bots on either side with some bitcoins.  Upon my arrival in Zone C, I was in contact with members from Freiheit! They hacked me a humanoid suit on the demand that I had to send them info I get from Zones A and B.

 ‘But, why did you dare to come here? And, are you online still? He startled a bit and picked up a pen like detector from his armour and pointed towards her.

‘No need for that! I am off….!’

A quite blue spark from the detector hit her head. She was forced back into the seat with her backpack.

‘Sorry! Standard procedure. You indeed were offline!’

‘It’s fine’, she said gasping for breath. ‘I have been treated worse on this journey home.’

‘HOME?’, He too gasped unknowingly.

‘Yes! My parents moved in Zone A2 from Zone D2 in 2034. During the war of 2042, my grandparents together with millions other in Zone D2 were dead. My father could not bear the pain so he erased all his digital footprint and memory and left us. E-cops labelled him as smuggler and took mom away for interrogation. I was then deported back to Zone D2 when I was 8. They kept my memory intact as I was underage. I now am here for my mom, my home!’ She looked pale and emotionless.

A fleet of uniformed e-cops came into the pod without any notice.

‘You are under arrest!’ cried an authoritative robot voice.

She gazed out of the tunnel to the news wall while marching away from the pod with e-cops.

It read, ‘The prominent member of Freiheit arrested!’


Photo by: Mantas Hesthaven


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